VOORBEELD 50 kW windturbine

WES (Wind Energy Solutions)WES50


The WES50, with a rotor diameter of 20 meters, is especially designed for areas with lower wind speed (class III).

This two bladed wind turbine, with a new cover, is a reliable 50kW midsize wind turbine giving a high performance. 


The mechanical part of the WES50 is based on the original, proven design from 1983. 

For the electrical parts providing power conversion and control, the latest technology is used. WES50 turbines are manufactured and exported by WES in the Netherlands,


WES50 Main characteristics

  • High performance (With 6.5 m/s wind outputs 215.500 kWh/year)

  • Ideal turbine for average wind speeds up to 7,5 m/sec.

  • Low cut-in wind speed, of 3 m/sec