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Small Wind Turbine Generator (MINI-5-400W -24V)


Basic Info.

Model NO.:  MINI-5-400W -24V
Rotating Shaft:  Horizontal
Number of Blade:  Multiple-Blade
Stress Way of Blade:  Resistance
Rated Outpower:  400W
Max Outpower:  450W
Rotor Diameter:  1.21m
Start-up Wind Speed:  1.5 ( M/S)
Cut-in Wind Speed:  2.0(M/S)
Voltage:  12, 24 VDC
Wind Turbine Controller:  MPPT Charge Controller System
Kilowatt Hours Per Month:  32 Kwh/Mo at 3.2 M/S
Weight:  7.1 Kg
Certificate:  CE RoHS ISO


Product Description

Small Wind Turbine Generator System
Mini Small Wind Generator Characteristics:
1. Low Start-up Wind Speed
Low Wind Speed Series Small Wind Turbines Generate More Than 30% Effective Power Than The Same Rotor Diameter Wind Turbine Annually.
2. High-Efficient Generator System
Three-Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Small Wind Generator, More Than 10% of The Efficiency of Ultra-GB, Starting Resistance, Only Be 1/3 of The GB Limit, Motor Insulation Rating Class H Insulation.
3. MPPT Power Management System
Built-in a New Intelligent Controller, Monitoring The Wind Turbines Operation in Real-Time MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) Charge.
4. Noise Reduction Innovative Technology
Start and Product Electricity at The 1.5m/S, Noise Only at dB at 13m/S/.
5. Perfect Wind Wheel System
The Wind Turbine Generator Wheel Are Made of a Low Temperature Resistance, Aging High Strength Compound Material, Can Cope with a Variety of Complex Wind Conditions, Charge Wind Energy Into Electrical Energy Efficiently and Sustainably...
6. Unique Design of The Rudder
Small Wind Turbine Generator Rudders Are Ale to Respond to The Wind Speed and Wind Direction Flexibly, Enhancing The Efficiency of Power Generation.
Wind Turbine Siting
Small Changes in Wind Speed and Wind Direction Can Have a Dramatic Effect on Power Production. In General, The Higher The Tower, The Greater The Wind Speed and Ultimately Power Production. Therefore, The Siting of Your Wind Turbine Shouldbe Carefully Considered. Each Installation Is Different and Is Often a Compromise Among Tower Height, Distance From The Battery Bank, Local Zoning Requirements and Obstacles Such as Buildings and Trees.

Specific Requirements About Installation and Sitting of Wind Turbine Are as Follows:
1 The Minimum Recommended Tower Height Is 8m on Open Ground or 5m Above Nearby Obstructions (Fig. 1), There Are No Obstacles Within 100 Meters as Far as Possible;
2 If Install Two Wind Turbines on One Area, The Distance Between Them Is 8-10 Times of Rotor Diameter. Try to Locate The Wind Turbine in The "Cleanest" Turbulent Free Air as Possible. Turbulence Will Reduce The Efficiency of The Wind Turbine and May Accelerate Wear on Rotating Components.
3 Less Natural Disaster Places Are Preferred.
Safety Must Be The Primary Concern When Selecting The Mounting Location. Even If Installing The Wind Turbine in a Less Than Ideal Location, Don't Attempt to Mount The Turbine While Blades Are Spinning.

Application Range
At Present, Mini Series Wind Turbine Has Widely Applied in:
1 Wind Solar Street Lighting System: City Street Lights, Road Lights, Landscape Lighting;
2 Highway Monitoring Power System;
3 Telecommunication;
4 Offshore Oil Platform;
5 Isolated Island Desalination;
6 Wind Solar Hybrid System;
7 Wind Power System for Ship;
8 Wind Power System for Home;
9 Wind Power Systemfor Farm.
10 Wind Solar Hybrid System
Small Wind Turbine Generator Selections
Technical Specifications
1 Selection of Mini Series Wind Turbine
Mini Series Wind Turbine Is Applicable to Various-Climate Regions. Please Fully Consider The Surrounding Environment Resources to Bring The Best Performance While Selection of Mini Wind Turbine.
1.1 Wind Speed: Low Wind Speed Wind Turbine Could Effectively Utilize Wind Energy From Low Wind Speed Region, It's Recommended to Use Low Wind Speed Model in No Hurricane Areas with Annual Wind Speed of Less Than 3.5m/S.
1.2 Environmental Temperature: It's Recommended to Use Low-Temperature Type at Regions Where Minimum Temperature Is Less Than -10ºC
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Rated Capacity

400 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s)

Max Capacity


Rotor Diameter



6.8 kg

Shipping Dimensions

770x 410x 200 mm (8.8kg)


1.5 in schedule 40 1.9 in (48 mm) OD pipe

Start-Up Wind Speed

1.5 ( m/s)

Cut-In Wind Speed

2.0(m. s)


12, 24 VDC

Turbine Controller

Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with Maximum Power Point Tracking


Cast aluminum


5 PC Nylon Fiber

Overspeed Protection

Electronic torque control

Kilowatt Hours per Month

42KWh/mo at 3.2 m/s

Survival Wind Speed

50 m/s


3 year limited warranty






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